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Markazi province is one of the most important industrial provinces in Iran  so, a scientific and research center should satisfy scientific needs of its industries. Iran University of Science and Technology _ Arak Branch was established in 1988 for satisfying the scientific needs of industries and also producing knowledge and technology. This branch is going to make efforts to present

scientific , cultural and social services in the country and specially in Markazi province

The Duties of Iran University of Science and Technology, Arak Branch Chancellor

  • Supervision on the fulfillment of all the resolutions dispatched by the main university chancellor and creation of a suitable environment to grow the educational talents and administering university's affairs according to regulations and approved resolutions.
  • Creation of coordination in educational, research, administrative, financial and cultural affairs of the university.
  • Specifying the university's administrative policy in scientific, educational and research issues of the country and foreseeing innovative and corrective solutions to improve current affairs
  • Creation of relationship with other scientific and technical institutes in order to facilitate scientific and cultural exchanges and create educational and research facilities.  
  • Assessment and coordination of all the units within the university
  • Issuing relevant orders and control over the correct implementation of those programs.
  • Supervision on the university's educational and research council
  • Supervision on making decisions in educational, research, student, administrative and financial affairs in accordance with the regulations and statements and consultation with the university's council.
  • Assessment of university's annual status and reporting it to the chancellor of the university
  • Suggestion of administrative and scientific bodies of the university to the authorities
  • Assessment of the qualification of the head of academic departments and expressing his opinion about them
  • Preparation and suggestion of the university's budget to the relevant authorities to be approved
  • Provision of the universities state of affairs and reporting them to the relevant authorities



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