Vice-Chancellor for Reaserch Affairs

Dr Hamed Deilami Azodi - Vice-Chancellor for Reaserch Affairs         Vice-Chancellor for Reaserch Affairs: Dr Hamed Deilami Azodi               


The faculty research assistance includes 6 branches:

  • Research Affairs
  • computer center
  • library
  • Information and Internet Center
  • Official industrial relationship
  • ASTP

 Every one of the branches takes a particular responsibility under the supervision of faculty research assistance. According to the dependency of Arak technical & engineering faculty, the activity border of these branches goes much further than the usual similar centers.

 The faculty research assistance responsibilities and the related branches are being summarized as bellow:

  • Supervision on preparing and regulating the research programs at faculty
  • Complete supervision on performing all research regulations and taking action proceeding the research plans.
  • Making effort relating the industrial centers round the country
  • Making relationship with industrial centers by sending the students under the supervision of the faculty members, taking the research projects and leaving them to the faculty members.
  • Expertise and investigating the research projects of faculty members under the supervision of research council and official industrial relationship in order to approve the projects or for the approved projects to be done as well as possible.
  • Giving the reports to the Dean of faculty on the accomplished tasks.
  • Supervising the services related to the library
  • Supervising the computer center activities
  • Supervising the research affairs and the official industrial relationship
  • Supervising the Information and Internet Center.



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